Chest acne

Acne is one of the common skin problems. Nearly 90% of people have experienced acne on their body parts. Maybe all this time you know the only acne that grows on the face. This is because acne on the face is easily visible to others. But actually, acne can also grow on other parts of the body such as the chest, back and head.

Body parts that never have acne are the feet and hands because this section has no oil glands. The cause of acne in other parts of the body is the same, but the treatment may be slightly different. Chest acne is generally easier to attack men than women. Although the location is hidden behind the clothes, chest acne also sometimes causes a sense of confidence and uncomfortable with the existence of oneself.

If you want to know what causes the growth of chest acne, here are they:

  1. Apparel

Clothes are used every day to cover the body. Some types of clothing have basic materials that do not absorb sweat when we are doing activities. This is one of the causes of acne in the chest. Because during the activity, especially outdoors the body will produce sweat. So, it’s best to choose the type of clothing that can absorb the sweat. In addition, the clothes which are too tight and fit in the body can also be the cause of acne on the chest. The best advice is to avoid wearing tight clothes.

  1. Active oil glands

Most part of the body has oil glands that are useful to moisturize the skin naturally. Not only in the face, oil glands are also found in the chest. That is why acne can grow up if the lymph nodes are too active. Many causes of oil glands to be active one of which is the influence of food. The content contained in foods, especially those containing sugar and high carbohydrates can lead to acne on the chest. The best prevention is to limit the consumption of foods containing sugar and high carbohydrates.

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  1. Soap products that do not fit the skin

Chest acne - soap

Some people have very sensitive skin at the chest. As a result, wrong skin care product can be the cause of acne in the chest. When you are bathing, if the soap you are using not suitable for your skin, then acne can arise. Find the soap which suitable for your skin type and keep using the same, do not experiment with other soap. It aims to keep your chest skin free from acne.

  1. Irritation

The next cause of acne in the chest is irritation of the skin. Irritated skin will feel itchy. The cause of irritation can be due to unsuitable water when bathing. In addition, friction objects such as bags on the chest can cause irritation on the body. It is good to prevent irritation by not doing activities that provide chest friction with certain things.

  1. Hormones

When a person grows and ages, hormonal changes in the body will occur slowly. The impact for the body is a prominent physical change and also acne on the skin. This is because hormonal changes that occur in the body make some organs performance increases and others become decreased. A balance of hormones will usually occur naturally as you age.

  1. Genetic

Chest acne - genetic

Last cause of chest acne is the genetic factor. Genetic factors related to parents and family history of acne. If previously a family member had a history of acne growing in the chest, most likely you will also experience the similar thing. Genetics does inherit almost 85% of the parent’s condition to the offspring.

Those are a few reviews about the cause of chest acne. To overcome acne, it is best to avoid the cause.

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