Forehead acne

  1. Tomato

Tomatoes are herbs that have the greatness in overcoming various problems of your skin, one of which is forehead acne. Tomatoes are able to repair damaged skin cells quickly, do not be surprised if the acne will quickly heal and acne scars on the forehead soon disappear.

Forehead acne - tomato

Tomatoes have a high antioxidant content that will prevent free radicals that can cause acne inflammation on your skin. Tomatoes contain a variety of vitamins, ranging from Vitamins A, C, E, K, B1, B2, B3, and B6 that will nourish your skin as a whole and deflect acne on the forehead quickly.

How to overcome forehead acne using tomatoes:

  • First, prepare 1 tomato, then slice thinly into several slices.
  • Afterwards, you can attach the tomato slices directly to the area of the skin on your forehead where acne is present.
  • Let the tomato stick to your skin for about 30 minutes.
  • After 30 minutes, remove the tomato slices, and immediately wash your skin using clean water.
  • For maximum results, you can use this tomato mask once every day on a regular basis, even after your acne fades so that acne on the forehead does not arise again in the future.

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  1. Tamarind

Besides being used as a spice, it can also be used to nourish your skin. Tamarind is a natural antiseptic that can eradicate all dirt, dust, and bacteria that can cause acne all at once. It can also accelerate the process of drying and healing of acne.

Forehead acne - tamarind

Tamarind has anti-inflammatory properties that will be very useful to prevent inflammation in acne and overcome inflamed acne on the forehead. Vitamin C in tamarind will trigger the production of collagen in the skin. The benefits of collagen for acne is to smooth and tighten the skin naturally, so as to accelerate the healing process of acne.

How to overcome acne on the forehead using Tamarind.

  • First of all, prepare some tamarind, and remove the seeds.
  • After that, finely mashed the seeds until the texture resembles a powder.
  • To keep the texture not too dry, mix it with a little water.
  • Apply this to the area of your skin on the forehead where the acne is with a soft movement, but, do not press.
  • Let it seep into your skin for approximately 20 minutes.
  • After 20 minutes, immediately wash your skin using clean water.
  • Do this every day, until the acne on your forehead fades.
  1. Ice Cube

This is a simple and cost-effective way to deal with acne on your forehead. With ice cubes, you can get skin that is free from acne. Ice cubes have long been known to have anti-inflammatory capabilities that can prevent the occurrence of inflammation in acne so that acne on the forehead can be immediately cured.

Forehead acne - ice cube

How to remove acne scars with ice cubes is very easy, where you just have to prepare ice cubes, then wrap the ice cubes using a clean cloth or towel. After that apply it onto the area of your forehead gently.

  1. Using Evaporation

A very powerful way to remove stubborn acne on your forehead is by using the evaporation method. This traditional way does have a remarkable way to nourish your skin as a whole and can be used as a way to prevent blackheads in the nose and face naturally also. The evaporation method is an effective way to suppress and reduce the production of sebum in the face which is one of the factors causing the appearance of acne on your forehead.

Forehead acne - evaporation

The evaporation method is a way to open your skin pores so that any bacteria, dirt, dust, and germs that clog the skin pores and cause inflammation of acne is lost. Because the bacteria and all the factors that cause acne become lost, the acne on the forehead will heal faster and is guaranteed not to leave a mark in the future.

How to deal with acne on the forehead with evaporation method:

  • Before doing the evaporation method, you should first wash your facial skin clean.
  • Prepare water, pour it into the pan and heat it immediately.
  • After boiling, you can bring your face close to the pan so that your facial skin is exposed to the steam from the boiling water.
  • After 5 minutes immediately keep your skin away from the steam.
  • Afterwards, clean the skin on your face by using cold water and use a moisturizer shortly after you wash your face.
  1. Facial

Another way that can also be used to overcome forehead acne is to do facials. The facial method aims to clean dead skin cells and cleanse your skin from various dirt, dust, and bacteria in the skin pore that cannot be cleaned by using face soap or other facial products. A facial will be very useful to overcome the forehead acne because this method will inhibit the growth of acne and will remove dead skin cells so that the acne will be more easily cured.

Forehead acne - facial

Note that you are not recommended to do facials continuously. At least do facials once a month because if too often done, in contrary, it will potentially be causing acne to continue in the future because the skin becomes easier to experience irritation and allergies.

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