Chin acne

Acne on the face can reduce one’s confidence. But not only that, acne can also be an indication of health problems inside the body. According to a research, the growth of acne is not only due to the accumulation of dead skin cells, pore blockage and the presence of bacteria on the face. The location of acne in certain parts of the face can mean a signal that the body sends to tell something is wrong with the internal organs.

If you are having acne in the area around the mouth and chin and they never go away despite using any type of acne medication, there is a possibility of a problem on your kidney. Holistic health expert explains that the cause of acne in the mouth area is generally hormonal changes and stress. While chin acne can indicate an imbalance of kidney function. Lack of drinking can interfere with kidney function. When your kidney not working optimally, it might be seen from the appearance of chin acne.

Chin Acne - drinking

You must keep your organs functioning properly and not treat them like machines. Remember that adequate sleep, relaxation, hydration and eating a healthy and balanced diet can help the skin look fresh and healthy.

In addition, to keep the skin clean from any acne on any face, whether it’s forehead, nose or cheeks, it is suggested to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables. Foods that recommended to maintain healthy and smooth skin include cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe, celery, carrots, beets, aloe vera, lettuce, potatoes, papaya, pears, raspberries, brown rice and beans.

Chin Acne - Fruit_&_vegs

While the foods to avoid are sugar, dairy products, milk chocolate, beverages containing caffeine and soft drinks. Also reduce the consumption of shellfish, processed food, packaged foods and foods contain lots of fat and oil.

By keeping your kidney healthy, and maintaining good facial skin care, you will avoid chin acne.


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