In the first three months of pregnancy, pregnant women experience increased hormones. This can lead to acne. No need to worry, because there is a safe way you can do to drive out this uninvited little guest.

Increased androgen hormones are responsible for acne on your face. This hormone can stimulate the skin to produce more oil called sebum. Acne can appear when sebum is mixed with dead skin cells. This can close the pores of the skin and trigger bacteria to grow quickly.

As we know, anything touching the body of pregnant women also affects the fetus. So, you are advised to use acne medication with caution in order to avoid the risk of a born baby with a disability. Here are some safe and prohibited types of acne remedies for pregnant women:

Safe Substances for Pregnancy Acne

Pregnancy acne - Benzoyl Peroxide

Some experts recommend pregnancy acne medications containing azelaic acid, erythromycin, benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin or glycolic acid. The absorption rate of this substance to the body is only about 5 percent, so it is believed it will not affect the fetus. Even so, you should be careful because many acne drugs that have not been tested for safety to be used by pregnant women. Consult your doctor before deciding to take acne medication.

Prohibited Substances for Pregnancy Acne

Pregnancy acne - test

Isotretinoin. This substance is very dangerous when used during pregnancy because it can cause serious birth defects. Because of the danger, women who are in the fertile period should use two types of contraceptives to avoid pregnancy, at least a month before and after taking this drug. Pregnancy tests are also required before, during, and after use of this drug.

Pregnancy acne - Salicylic_acid_pads

Salicylic acid. Some experts advise avoiding acne medications that contain this substance. You should be careful because this substance is found in many acne medications that are sold freely in the market.

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Pregnancy acne - Tetracycline

Tetracyclines. This substance can inhibit the growth of fetal bone and permanently change the colour of the teeth. These include antibiotics such as doxycycline, tetracycline, and minocycline.

Pregnancy acne - Retinoids

Retinoids. These include tretinoin, adapalene, and tazarotene. According to some studies, the absorption rate of these substances to the skin is low. Even so, there is still concern that the substance may increase the risk of the baby born disabled.

Back to Nature

The best way is to treat pregnancy acne with natural way. Refer to this article to treat acne the natural way:

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