Acne during pregnancy

Acne during pregnancy is a natural condition that usually heals after childbirth. The safest action in dealing with it is to maintain a good skin care. Here are some methods for dealing with acne pregnancy without using drugs.

  • Wash face two times a day and also after sweating heavily. This is to prevent the re-occurrence of acne spreading. Make sure your hands or cotton that you are using are really clean to avoid bacteria that will make the acne worse.
  • When you already have acne, use an oil-free and alcohol-free face wash and also make sure it does not contain harmful chemicals for pregnancy.

Acne during pregnancy - cleaning face

  • Use cotton, soft tissue or cloth that is used only once when in contact with the acne so it does not aggravate the development of acne.
  • When washing your face, clean it using warm water and then gently tap it dry. Do not rub on the part of the acne because it will make the acne worse.

Acne during pregnancy - washing hair

  • To prevent acne during pregnancy, wash your hair using the right shampoo regularly. If you have an oily scalp, it is best to wash it every day. Keep oily scalp dry, because damp oily scalp will trigger facial acne.

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Acne during pregnancy - turkey breast

  • Consume foods that contain vitamin B6, because it can help the immune system in the body and also the production of antibodies. Pregnant women who are deficient in vitamin B6 will inhibit the healing process of acne and even acne tends to increase.
  • Pregnant women can arrange regular exercise schedule to avoid the acne getting worse. With special exercise for pregnant women, will help to improve the circulation of blood flow to the entire body that can help maintain healthy skin.
  • Avoid picking or scratching acne that will cause acne scars which difficult to lose. Often touching acne will make your acne worse because of bacteria attached to the hand will spread to other areas of the face.
  • You can use oil absorbing micro-fibre cloth that can help reduce greasy face when you are pregnant. Thus, you can prevent the acne from getting worse.

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Acne during pregnancy - doctor

  • If the condition of acne during pregnancy is getting worse then you can consult a doctor so it does not make the face more damaged and leave acne scars that are difficult to eliminate.


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