These easy ways are very effective on how to stop acne quickly without any treatment. Keep in mind, make them as part of your lifestyle and habit.

  1. Do not put hands on the face or on acne

How to stop acne

Simple, but not many people realized this. Hands contain a variety of bacteria and impurities resulting from activities you do throughout the day. If you have an allergic skin, it will most likely add new pimples to your face. In addition, acne will be more severe when contaminated with dirt and bacteria spread by hands.

  1. Wash your face at least 2x a day

How to stop acne - wash face

Four main factors causing acne are oil production of facial skin, bacteria, dead skin cells, and clogged pore pores. By washing your face at least 2 times a day you will clean the face of various bacteria and dead skin cells. Make sure your face wash cream can clean the pores and suck the oil out of the facial skin.

  1. Avoid excessive use of cosmetics

How to stop acne - cosmetics use

If you start to have stubborn acne even though puberty has long passed, check whether you often use cosmetics or not. If you do, immediately stop, especially if you are not clear about the ingredients of the cosmetic products that you use. Some cosmetics have powerful chemicals that could make your face full of acne. Be careful in the use of cosmetics, make sure they are suitable for your skin and do not use them excessively.

  1. Frequently exercising/sweating

How to stop acne - exercising

What does sport get to do with acne? Sport is good for health in general. By exercising you will sweat, the benefits of sweating one of them is to remove toxins from the body. Skin epidermis on the face of course also needs detoxification (remove toxins) so that acne does not continue to grow and develop. By sweating you can help stop acne on the face.

  1. Do not squeeze

How to stop acne - do not squeeze

Acne should not be squeezed, even more, the newly grown. This will increase the inflammation and make it more severe and multiply as it opens new irritation opportunities on your skin.

  1. Use loose headgear

How to stop acne - head gear

Acne can be more severe if experiencing friction, irritation, dirt, heat, and dust. In order not to become stubborn acne, you better use a head protector like a loose hat. Headscarf and headband should be loose so as not to disturb the air cycle on your head.

  1. Avoid stress

How to stop acne - stress

Chemical reactions caused when you stress can trigger increased production of hormones that can increase acne on your face.

  1. Drink plenty of water

How to stop acne - drinking

Water can help detoxify or excrete toxins in the body including helping blood circulation which may be the cause of stubborn acne.

  1. Shower more often

How to stop acne - shower

If you are bathing twice a day, try to take a bath 3x a day, with a bath you can clean the whole skin and give freshness to the face.

  1. Enough sleep

How to stop acne - sleep

Sleep helps the detoxification process on the body and face. It can stop acne quickly and easily. In addition, enough sleep will help in removing dead skin cells and accelerating the process of new skin cells.

Those are some tips on how to stop acne, all of them are easy for you to apply on your daily life, good luck!


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