Acne inversa

Acne inversa is often also called hidradenitis suppurativa, which is a chronic inflammation that occurs in the skin and is characterized by large acne and pain when touched. This disorder cannot be eliminated with drug, but the development of this disease can be stopped with certain medications. Here is a full explanation and detail about acne inversa.

Acne Inversa Cause

The cause of this skin disorder is similar to that of pimples in general, the pores are blocked by the pile of dead skin cells and excess oil, not only the pores that are blocked but also the hair follicles and the oil glands themselves.

Although until now has not been found with certainty the trigger of oil glands and hair follicles clogging. In addition to the above factors, this disorder is suspected due to damage or defect of the follicular epithelium. One in three patients had a history of acne inversa in their family. Genetic factors are suspected to be one of the triggers.

Acne Inversa Symptoms

It usually appears in places or areas overgrown with hair, has sweat glands and oils like temples, cheeks, neck and so forth. The initial sign is usually a small bump that is getting bigger each day. This lump will last for months to years, usually there is only one lump but gradually the area will be filled with boils and other small bumps.

In addition to the above sign, acne inversa also has common symptoms such as excessive sweating, itching and burning heat. The symptoms in each person may be different, therefore quick action is required to address this problem.

Acne Inversa Severity

Acne Inversa has three different levels, the higher the level the more difficult and disturbing the patient. By identifying and knowing the severity of acne inversa, doctors will more easily provide treatment techniques that are considered to bring maximum results.

The first level is characterized by skin tissue damage and is accompanied by the appearance of a hole that leads into the skin. For the second level is usually characterized by more severe tissue damage and many holes that lead into the skin. While level three is the most chronic level, it is generally characterized by a large lump of festering and damage that has spread to other parts.

Acne Inversa Treatment

Treatment is based on the severity of the patient, for level one usually only using a cream containing corticosteroids. It is also recommended to use antibacterial soap and compress it with warm water. For the second level, tissue surgery is required and replacing damaged tissue with better tissue. As for the most severe level doctors will perform surgery as well as skin grafting.



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