Acne Meaning

When a teen reach puberty at age 8 to 13 for girls or 9 to 15 for boys, both will most probably have problems with acne. And for grownups, the problem of acne sometimes still haunting. It’s not a coincidence when acne is growing in our face. Where acne grow on the face, it has a meaning. Let us see the acne meaning by location of the growth on your face and how the solution to overcome it.

1 and 2: The Digestive System

Acne on the forehead signifies that you have digestive system problems. The solution to the growth of acne located on the forehead are:

Acne Meaning - Junk Food

  • Reduce the consumption of your junk food.
  • Keep your food hygiene.
  • Chew well every food you eat before swallowing.
  • Drink lots of water, reduce soft drinks.
  • Keep the area of ​​your forehead clean (avoid damp hair bangs and dirty hat)
  • Get enough sleep.

3: Liver

The acne between your eyebrows indicates that you have a problem with your liver.

Acne Meaning - Exercise

  • Avoid staying up at night, try to always sleep at least 8 hours. This will allow your liver to rest well and function well every day.
  • Reduce foods or milk based drinks, alcohol and oily foods.
  • Reduce also eating snacks that contain oil at night.
  • Do not forget to always exercise every day.

4 and 5: Kidney

All acne that grows in the eye area, including dark circles under the eyes is a sign that you drink less water.

Acne meaning - drinking

  • Eat fruits like melons, cucumbers and pumpkins.
  • Do not forget to always keep your face clean, especially when you often sweat and wear makeup.
  • Drink enough water every day.

6: Heart

Acne on the nose, indicating that you have a problem with your heart. Check your blood pressure. In addition, because the nose area has large pores, you need to check if you have cleaned up the remains of your makeup.

Acne Meaning - Eat fruit

  • Avoid drinking energy drinks.
  • Reduce excessive salt intake.
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables to maintain your health and blood pressure.

7 and 8: Kidney

Yes, right! Acne in the ear area also indicates you have a problem with your kidney. Always make sure that you drink enough water.

9 and 10: Respiratory Problems

Acne on the cheek indicates that you have breathing problems. Do you have allergies? If not, do not let your body temperature overheat.

Acne Meaning - Pillow case

  • Reduce the consumption of sugar and often breathe fresh air.
  • Make sure that your pillow case replaced regularly.
  • Make sure your phone is always clean.
  • Do not forget to always exercise every morning (at 7-9 am) because in the morning your lungs have a very good performance.

11 and 12: Hormones

Acne on the bottom side of the lips is a sign that you are stressed and hormonal changes. It is difficult to avoid. However, you can work around this.

Acne Meaning - Sleep

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eat lots of vegetables.

13: Stomach

When acne grows in your chin, it indicates that your stomach is having problems. It could be that you have a problem to defecate regularly.

Acne Meaning - Green tea

  • Eat plenty of fibrous foods.
  • Drink green tea to help with your digestion.

14: Illness

Acne on the neck signifies that your body is fighting bacteria to prevent illness.

Acne Meaning - Yoga

  • Give yourself a break from your busy activities.
  • Take yoga classes.
  • Take a nap.
  • Drink plenty of water.

Well, that is acne meaning based on where it grows on your face. Keep in mind that, the occurrence of acne in situ does not mean you have bad organs. But your organs are communicating with you that the work is too heavy and needs rest.


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