Neck Acne

No different from the acne on the face, acne on the neck can also annoying, and lowering your sense of confidence. How to deal with acne in the neck is basically the same as healing acne on the chest or other body parts such as the face and back.

Neck Acne is generally caused by excessive sweating and clogged pores. Sometimes by avoiding the causal factors, neck acne can be cured easily. If acne that grows on the forehead or cheeks can still be covered by the hair, not so with acne that appears in the neck. Although some people can hide it by using a high-necked dress, but it actually makes us feel hot and can aggravate the growth of acne itself due to the increase sebum. So, overcoming the acne on the neck a bit more complicated but that does not mean it cannot be eliminated.

Causes of Neck Acne

There are several possibilities that could be the cause:

  1. Sweat and dirt on the neck that was not cleaned immediately. Dirt is the cause of acne growing on the neck and will multiply if the dirt inhibits the pores.
  2. Wearing clothes that have a tight collar that make sweat and dirt easily piled on the area around the neck. If left for a long time, it can cause irritation and inflammation which then cause acne.
  3. When shaving hair on the chin and neck, there are some parts of hair that may be trapped inside the pore and then grow acne. The use of unhygienic razors can also be a cause.
  4. Some food/drink can cause acne to thrive on the neck and other body parts. Those food/drink such as sugar, milk, caffeine, alcohol and all kinds of fried foods.
  5. Contact with chemicals such as chlorine while swimming in a pool. Generally, swimming pools use this chemical to sterilize water. However, if used excessively, it can create acne problems on your skin.
  6. Growth of bacteria in the neck which then cause acne.

The most powerful way to deal with acne in the neck is of course to eliminate as much as possible all the factors causing it. If the cause has been overcome then gradually it will be difficult for acne to grow. What if you have minimized all the factors but the acne on the neck does not go away. If this is the case then you may have time to take further action to treat the acne.

How to Overcome Neck Acne

Acne that grows on the neck or on the back is a sign that the body is experiencing hormone imbalance. So, this problem is not only because of the clogged pores of the  skin, but also from within the body. In addition, high levels of stress can also be the cause of this. Stress and fatigue will affect the body’s internal hormones and respond in the form of acne.

So, to get rid of acne in the neck, it’s good to follow these tips:

  1. Changing your diet by consuming more vegetables, fruit, and organic foods.
  2. Limit consuming sugar.
  3. Increase exercise activity. In addition to making the body fit, it also aims to improve skin color and prevent excess fat deposits.
  4. Maintain good sleep habit, at least 8-9 hours each day.
  5. Make sure the body gets enough sunlight every day. Warming the body with morning sun will help the fulfillment of vitamin D intake and avoid skin cancer. In addition, it can also increase the level of nitric oxide and melatonin in the body which can then lower blood pressure.

Basically, the best way to get rid of neck acne is to take steps to prevent acne such as regularly clean the face and neck, wash hair, have balanced nutrition and exercise. But if prevention efforts have been done and acne still appears on the face or on the neck then the most effective way to deal with it is to do the following:

  1. Clean the face to the neck using a special cleanser soap. Best to use natural ingredients such as cucumber or lime because they can dry out acne quickly.
  2. Use facial soap for acne that can reduce excess oil and prevent bacteria from breeding on the neck.
  3. To prevent acne, use acne mask once a week. Rinse the acne mask with cold water then proceed by toning the toner to the neck. Toner serves to lift the remaining mask that may still be left in the pores around the neck.
  4. On acne that has grown in the neck, you can use a drug containing salicylic acid that can prevent bacterial infections.

So, if you want to be free from acne problems on the neck, start by maintaining the cleanliness of the face and neck, then change your lifestyle to be healthier and avoid the trigger factors of neck acne.


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