Acne Conglobata

Acne conglobata is a very severe type of acne. This acne is characterized by the appearance of scars and ulcers on the surface of the skin. It is a rare skin disorder that are often experienced by men rather than women. This acne is also commonly found in adults between the ages of 18 and 30 years. Acne conglobata can be said quite severe so it would require a dermatologist to handle it.

Causes of Acne Conglobata

The main cause of this condition is unknown even though medical researchers have identified several factors as triggers. Harmful gases such as halogen or dioxin and anabolic steroids are likely to cause severe acne. Moreover, testosterone imbalance is a major cause of acne conglobata, this is also the reason why men are more prone to suffering from acne conglobata than women.

As mentioned above, the exact causative factor for this type of acne is unknown. However, many medical researchers suspect genetics has a strong role behind the emergence of these types of lesions. This is because patients with this type of acne are often seen to have a family history of suffering from acne conglobata.

Acne Conglobata symptoms

Acne Conglobata looks like a swollen lump on the skin surface, usually arise in clusters with an inflamed lump with a diameter of more than 5 mm. It is characterized primarily by the appearance of lesions on the skin.

The location of this Acne generally appears on the neck, face, upper arm, chest and buttock. The shape is rather large, swollen, has a black head with a scab in the middle which will continue to spread to a wider area.

At a later stage, the lesion becomes filled with foul-smelling pus which consists in the form of a large blackhead. At an advanced stage, Acne conglobata is filled with fluid and feels soft to touch. It will even continue to swell until a bump explodes draining pus. After that, the water channel of the lesion fills again. In most cases, multiple lumps may rupture together and then form larger cysts.

Treatment of Acne Conglobata

The initial treatment for this type of acne involves the use of topical creams and antibiotics which includes Isotretinoin & Vitamin A derivatives. Those are used as a major cure for acne conglobata. It is prescribed for patients suffering from severe bumps on the skin. Oral medication might also prescribe by a Doctor who generally takes 15-20 weeks of usage.

Accutane is also very effective as a severe acne conglobata medicine, because it helps in reducing the amount of sebum, but also has side effects such as skin dryness on the lips, nose and mouth. It might even make mild pain on the muscle or joint. In severe cases acne laser treatments may also be used. Consult a Doctor or Dermatologist for more detailed instructions to deal with acne conglobata.


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