Newborn acne

Newborn acne is a condition of the appearance of red spots on the baby’s skin. The condition usually appears 2 – 4 weeks postpartum. According to a research, 20% of newborns experience this condition. Newborn acne usually arises in the neck, face, arms and even the back of the body. At a glance is almost similar to a rash.

Acne on the baby will disappear by itself within 4 months and will not leave a mark or a black stain. Newborn acne can last for about 3 years, but the case is rare. In most cases, baby acne will disappear within 1 year.

Causes of Newborn Acne

The cause of newborn acne is generally caused by hormonal changes that affect the performance of the oil glands in the baby’s skin. The main cause of the appearance is the androgen hormone. The hormone will enter the baby’s body through the placenta when the baby still inside the womb and also through breastfeeding when the baby already delivered. The hormone will stimulate the oil glands in infants so that acne appears.

Another cause of newborn acne is the habit of pregnant women in taking drugs during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Such type of drugs like anti-depressant, contraceptive drugs and steroids. During pregnancy and breastfeeding process, the consumption of drugs should be avoided because it can affect the baby’s health.

Tips on Eliminating Newborn Acne

Acne that appears on baby’s skin certainly makes the parent feel anxious and worried. But the acne on the baby will disappear by itself. The appearance of acne is a natural thing and does not endanger the health of the baby.

There are several ways you can do to prevent and eliminate acne in infants, including:

  1. Always keep your baby’s skin clean, use a special soap for the baby and dry the baby’s skin using a towel with a soft cloth.
  2. Avoid touching and squeezing red spots/pimples on baby’s skin as it is at risk of causing irritation and infection.
  3. If your baby has acne, do not occasionally use baby oil or cream.
  4. If your baby has acne, avoid using clothes with a thick cloth. It would be better to use a shirt with a cotton cloth so that it can absorb sweat and not trigger moisture.
  5. Pay attention to your diet during breastfeeding, avoid foods that can trigger acne.
  6. Consult a dermatologist or paediatrician when you think that the acne condition is not normal.

The most important thing to overcome newborn acne is to always keep the baby’s skin clean and dry.


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